Why hire an interior designer?

Why hire an interior designer?

Let us guess; you’ve read the title of this blog and are thinking why should someone hire an interior designer when they could just do it themselves for less money? Because let’s face it, we do not understand what you want or your day-to –day requirements for the space. Let us put these fears at ease. Interior design is our job; we want nothing more than to make your dream a reality, after all your word is absolute to us.


As professional Interior designers, we will evaluate the interior situation as a whole. With a trained eye, we can help you draw up a plan of what needs to be done, evaluating the space from an unbiased point of view, to ensure we optimise the potential for the interior.  Being an established company, we also have a variety of connections and regularly work with trustworthy and reliable contractors.

By bringing an interior design expert with you on this journey, we will ensure the outcome is everything you wanted and more. It is our job to know how your interior is going to be used, fully understanding how the day-today activities taking place within the space is going to influence the use and design of the room. We will expand your horizons and open your eyes to the design possibilities and potential of the space. We can provide ideas and concepts you may not have heard of or even considered.

Remember that one piece of perfect furniture you saw that time? The one you loved but now can’t seem to find anywhere? The one that no matter how hard you look, the furniture just seems to have vanished! Well, we are here to tell you to relax; we’ve got your back. We can do all the research and leg work for you. We have access to such an extensive range of products produced both in the United Kingdom and abroad, some of which are not even available to the public. We can assure you that whatever you are looking for, hiring one of design team to do the legwork for you will increase your chances of finding that beautiful piece of furniture. We can show you a completely new universe of materials, products, and finishes, which are just waiting for you to discover them.

As interior designers, we have established trusted accounts with designer furniture brands where we receive discounted trade prices. By hiring us as your interior designer, we offer a supple and fit service. The benefit of this is that we pre-order all of your furniture on your behalf, meaning we can get you access to some of the most incredible designer furniture brands but at a fraction of the price.

By hiring a designer form our team, we can ensure that the WOW factor interior is being brought to the table every time and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t secretly love to leave people stunned by their interior? Whether you are somebody looking to sell a home or a companies just starting out in industry and looking to increate footfall, allowing us to help you leave an incredible and lasting first impression, giving yourself an edge above all the competition can only reap more rewards.

We understand that the cost of hiring a designer may seem daunting or expensive, but imagine not hiring a designer and doing the job yourself, only to end up with an interior that has not turned out the way you expected. We hate thinking about how you would feel if you finished a project, only to reflect on it with regret, thinking that that you have wasted your time and money.

The benefit of using an interior designer is that we work out all the technicalities on your behalf; we believe this is an area of the design equally, if more important to the aesthetic. An area, which needs to be perfect in order for the design of the business or home to run smoothly. We work out the best way to utilise the space on your behalf. Exploring the best way to utilise circulation flows, ensuring you utilise the space to the up-most potential avoiding those nasty design and layout problems, which can sneak up on you later if not worked out in the early stages of the design. This is something our interior design team have a specialist eye to notice. Your interior designer will make sure the flows in and between public social areas and the private zones flow smoothly, as well as figuring out the best way to use the services available to you, configuring of the design of the services to best suit your needs and budget.

We understand that you will have fears and concerns over hiring an interior designer but let us put these fears to bed. Let us change the way you view interior design. Here at Astounding Interiors, making sure that you are both comfortable and completely satisfied with the design is our first priority; our design team will see the project through to scratch to the very end, helping you every step of the way to avoid those nasty surprises. If you are considering an interior designer but are still unsure and want to know more give us a call or email us and we will be happy to discuss our services and your project in more depth. Let us handle all of the hassle for you.