Why Astounding Interiors create mood boards

No matter who or what the project is for, Astounding Interiors will always create a Mood board. This is the foundation of all communication for any project between designer and client.
No matter what the project, our designers will study, review and refine every detail of the design, from finishes and materials, to the furnishings, fixtures and equipment.
The mood board consists of a collection of samples communicating a variety of possible colours and textures within the project’s design; this allows the consumer to understand the proposal more clearly. The visual and tactile aid the mood board provides helps to communicate this in the clearest way.
Over the course of a project, the designers experiment with a variety of different finishes and materials. As time progresses this collection of materials will be edited and refined. By the time the concept is due to be presented to the client we will have narrowed our samples into the perfect collection which best communicates the proposal.
We want to get you involved.
The Beauty of a mood board is that it reduces wasted time and helps prevent disappointment for you. There is nothing worse for both us as designers, and you as the consumer, when we propose a complete high-resolution design to the client, only for them to turn around with disappointment because we have not met their requirements or fulfilled their design wishes.
Efficiency is everything.
Producing a variety of design concepts is a time consuming practice and a labour of love for us as designers and the last thing we want to do is waste your time and money. The implementation of a mood board helps to communicate the idea in the quickly and efficiently, removing any design concerns of both the designer and client. This helps us to ensure we are hitting the nail on the head, and proving you with the best design possible.
Getting the basics right.
The mood board helps to the basic undertones of the design concept, exploring the themes of colour palettes, typography, layout, concepts, images, furniture inspiration, etc.
The trick with the mood board is to get you, our client, feeling involved in the design process. We want you to feel comfortable approaching us with any ideas and suggestions you would like to explore.