Pantone colour of the year 2018 is 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

Being a balance between a calming blue and a highly stimulating red, purple is calming but increases creativity and spirituality. This a highly symbolic colour and Astounding are proud to be able to say we have always seen the benefits of using purple in our interiors. Being an iconic colour to our company, when we found out this was the pantone of the year we were excited to be able to blog about the benefits of using this colour. In previous blogs, we have discussed the psychological benefits of using this colour, but in this blog, we want to discuss the symbolism of the colour.

18-3838 Ultra Violet is primarily a rare and sacred colour, this association has resulted in it also viewed as a mysterious colour and this is due to its rare natural occurrence in nature. This mystery not only applies to nature, but also in the universe, often associated with deep outer space, this shade of purple is iconic to space, the concept of the unknown and what lies ahead. It is the colour, which represents Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, which in-turn is symbolic of a wisdom and a higher level of learning and because of its location in our solar system (having 4 planets before and 4 planets after it). It is also an icon for balance, order and justice.

It’s rarity and identity as a representative of worlds and dimensions beyond our own has resulted in this image becoming a beacon for spirituality and mindfulness and is now often used as an aid for meditation, representing energy, spirituality, intrigue, imagination and inspiration.

Even across modern pop culture, this colour is a beacon for non-conformity. If you think about all the rebellious pop icons who fit within the genre of non-conformity, all have used the colour purple in their branding in one form or another. For this reason, purple is arguably the colour which best represents self-worth and the promotion of valuing your unique identity.

Other Trends this year include:

Being more multifunctional. With houses, gradually becoming smaller and smaller, space is becoming precious, people are now demanding smarter design and storage solutions to best utilise the space. With a growing awareness for the planet’s well-being and the impact humans and household waste are having in relation to this, there is now a growing demand for design solutions, which bring minimal harm to the planet. Resulting in people craving a more minimalistic lifestyle.

Colourful solutions. A growing trend is starting to emerge where people are demanding products, which highlight large amounts of colour in bold patterns.

Movable furniture.  People are showing an interest in being able to have flexibility to more and change their interior spaces around their ever-growing and changing lives. This is also putting a greater emphasis on having less furnishings, but ensuring that what furniture owned is multifunctional. This will allow for greater flexibility with movable furniture of a more temporary nature.

Raw. People are craving interiors that are highly tactile, stimulating the senses within the interior. With trends now leaning toward products of more character, which are often products of a handmade nature. From ceramics to rugs, people are viewing products with these imperfections as being more characteristic.

Hybrid. Globalisation has meant that the reality of a borderless world is becoming increasingly realistic. This borderless world has meant that cultures are becoming inter-twined; these external influences show in our architecture and design. Interiors are gradually showing more of this influence. Hybrid design refers to this cultural mix in an interior. This is becoming the trendiest of interior design styles.