The design process broken down

The design process broken down:

Upon starting any project, we want the client to feel confident in what we do. Part of this confidence comes from understanding the design process.

There are three main categories within the design process; the first being the design and concept stage, the second is the documentation stage, and finally the third stage; the project management and build stage. Together these three categories will cover the whole design process form the first conversations, to the satisfying moment when you finally take a step back and admire the product of all your hard work.


The concept stage

Upon starting any project, we provide a presentation highlighting the key overall concepts. There is a lot of initial research and conversation, visiting of the site and gathering of photos. This helps us to develop the overall concepts. As this stage progresses and gets a stronger sense of direction and identity, we can are able to start developing spatial planning (this consists of a General floor plan & layout). After this, we will develop mood boards showing key features of the overall designs using material and tactile aids to communicate details and design concepts (for more information about mood boards check our previous blog post). One this stage has been refined we will start to develop the Finish boards, these are communicating the key flooring, wall and ceiling finishes. Lastly, we will develop the Lighting design & layout.  Together this will give us an in depth and thorough proposal.

The documentation

After a full review of the Design has taken place and the design concept has been approved in principle by the client, we will look in detail at the overall design and produce the following final elements:

// Flooring plan

// Furniture & general arrangement plan

// Elevations indicating walls, features and finishes

// Details of fixed furniture & features

// Finishes specification

// Lighting specification

// FF&E Schedule


At this stage, all the items are fully costed and a list is created, each item with an individual price showing total transparency of costs.


The project management and build

Finally the project management and build. This is where you start

to gain a real sense of excitement. The Proposal will begin to take a strong sense of form now. In this final stage of the design process we will work on:

// Invoicing

// Procurement

// Construction

// FFF & Equipment placement



After all of this is complete, we finally have the honour of the handover of venue. There is no more satisfying or fulfilling moment than seeing a the final product of a project your poured your heart and soul into designing and feeling that sense of joy when the client sets their eyes on the final product, being everything they imagined it would be.