The Hengist Restaurant

I understand you have undertaken Steve Ward from Astounding Interiors to design your Club in Camden and wanted a reference from his clients, I will give you a brief run down on how I know and have had dealings with Steve in the past 10 years.

He originally designed a lounge for me and made it look like a hotel lounge very luxurious and entertaining. He then went on to design the Hengist restaurant for me in Kent which has been voted as one of the best looking restaurants in Kent and gone on to be in the Michelin guide.

Steve is now designing Allens of Battersea for me which is an upmarket Butchers in the exclusive Battersea power station.

Steve has been paid literally £100’000s from me in the past and has always delivered exactly what he said he would and on time and kept the projects on budget and managed everything with professionalism at all time. I thoroughly trust Steve financially and have no problem recommending his services.

I hope this helps in any way possible