Restaurants Design

In the current competitive marketplace, great tasting food and service are just not enough. Switched on restauranteurs require interiors that enhance their customers dining experience and stimulate their senses. As taste is only one of our senses, we take into account the others, touch, smell, sound and vision, to create an exciting environment that speaks for itself. Restaurant design is not just about space planning, the flow of customers, positioning of the kitchen, functionality must all be taken into consideration.

We design restaurants that take into account the process of getting food from the kitchen to the waiting customer as rapidly as possible. Equally important is the waiting staff’s ability to navigate around tables and serve food as quickly as possible. This in turn allows the staff to operate effectively and the customers experience to be a memorable one.

We always aim to give depth to environments by introducing focal points, horizontal and vertical divisions and by layering materials. Using a range of different textures, lighting systems, colour and durable seating all intended to enhance the guest experience. Design elements must reflect the intended ambience and customer expectations in order to ensure they return and also recommend your establishment.

Kings road towers Jeddah restaurant

Swan chapel down Tenterden

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