nightclub interior design

Astounding Interiors is a concept and interiors firm that brings an ebullient perspective to projects. Specialising in nightclubs, Astounding Interiors works closely with clients to achieve interiors that exceed expectations. Exuberant and Funky interiors that are designed to be remembered and talked about.
Our aesthetic is ebullient and eclectic, an enthusiastic embrace of many time periods, styles, intents, and aesthetics. Everything is available and usable, and we feel the sparks fly best when kitsch and glamour, new and old, high and low all mix with each other.
Our speciality is comprehensive concept development, 3d visualization, complete design development and FF&E documentation. In addition we can help naming, branding, graphics, collateral, and purchasing, build and project management regardless of project size.

Electric social
Karma Nightclub
Deniros Nightclub

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