Jeddah Towers Saudi

Astounding were asked to design a restaurant concept for King’s Road Towers in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The building has a unique large advertising LED screen – the biggest in the world – installed on three sides of the tower.The Pearl, which is the curved partĀ of the building, also includes a coffee shop and luxury offices at the 31st floor with a total area of 1900 square meters. Our brief was simple, “design us something out of this world!” So we came up with the concept of one side of The Pearl being an exclusive seafood restaurant, the other a Mongolian live theatre kitchen experience.
The all glass floors with Koi Carp swimming under the cracked glass tables, waterfalls pouring out of the walls and exploding out of the floors, was an experience you would enter after arriving through the domed aquarium entrance with live sharks swimming over your head. This experience was like no other entrance and fit for a King. Above you there is a tropical LED lit waterfall pouring out the high ceiling and cascading down over the glass aquarium.Our theatre kitchen design took inspiration from the natural world. It included a dramatic angular rock face wall with unique designs etched into the surface which were back lit to form a stunning lighting feature. Running down the centre of the space was a spectacular full height theatre kitchen which allowed customers to be at the centre of the highly dramatic cooking style. Columns throughout the space were transformed into living planted walls to add a soft and natural element to the space. We used designer bio ethanol flame burners on each table and mounted on columns to add a bold and dramatic feature, creating a vibrant and truly opulent place to dine and enjoy the company of family and friends amidst the spectacular views.

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