At Astounding Interiors we have a passion for hotel design. The guest experience should be one of luxury and opulence, and a comfortable, memorable stay will always encourage guests to return and recommend your establishment.

We understand that hotels require an entrance with the ‘wow factor’ that represents the whole of the hotel, many people now open their lobby to the general public as well as guests so an inviting entrance to your property speaks volumes for the whole of the hotel.

The lobby area should be welcoming and reflect the overall style of the whole hotel, particularly as many hotel bookings are now made online and images of the lobby may be the only image your guest may see before arriving.

The bar should ultimately become a destination venue for outside visitors to the restaurant and be designed to keep your paying guests in there as long as possible, we do this by breaking up areas to achieve different experiences and accommodate for the guests also wanting a quick snack.

We also understand that for any business loss of revenue is a major consideration in any build and at Astounding  Interiors  we can manage the build so we, for example, can focus on one room at a time to avoid loss of revenue.

Contact us now for our latest hotel project news and what we can achieve for you to your budget.

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