Deniros Nightclub

Deniros the UK’s most successful, long running, and independent, nightclub had not been refurbished since the 80s, Astounding were asked to give it a much needed facelift. We removed all the carpets and our contractors replaced them with vinyl flooring that’s hardwearing, washable and funky.

All the walls were given a new look and the old style banquette seating was replaced with modern sofas. We designed and built a stage/dance platform and ‘blinged’ up the dance floor area and balcony.

We identified and gave new identities to certain areas including the bars, dividing up this huge 3 floored, 1500 capacity space, so the clubbers experience was different each time they visited this venue.

This was all completed on budget and the venue never closed, while our contractors worked on non operating days.

“No problem at all in a reference for what you have done for me & the club … cut it short … great job ..great help & advice & most of all u listen & u r still there well after the job / work is complete .. & u r a really nice guy to get on with 🙂 !! need i say any more ?”

Terry Lake

Owner Deniros Club

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