At Astounding we understand the importance of a strong identity for your business, as this is a powerful tool in your business’s promotion. We can either revise your current logo and bring it up to date, or create you a new logo in keeping with the new design we have created.

Many of our clients use our branding packages and have found that it is a valuable tool in terms of having fluidity throughout the design and promotion of their project.

This also enables you, as the client, to have all stationary printed and a website designed by our working colleagues before you open the doors to the public. This leaves you more time to concentrate on the dynamics of opening the business.

Together our goals are to promote your business through the power of amazing design. All of our successful past experience in hospitality design means we have the expertise to know exactly what performs visually and functionally and how to generate the maximum financial return for your investment.

What makes us distinct are our proven abilities to combine effective interior design with a strong brand presence in the market place. Our understanding of how customers interact with brands gives us the ability to produce a package that highlights brand awareness thus delivering the best possible customer experience.

Our design team are passionate about creating an entirely new image for your business including websites, logo, identity, signage, and uniforms. When this is done properly combined with exceptional interior design the end results are a unique, profitable project for the client for many years to come.

Our experienced services include:

  • Logo design
  • Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Web Design
  • Company Identity
  • Promotional Material

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