Audley Homes Mote Park

The show home at Mote Park Maidstone  has taken a classical theme and given it a modern twist. The lounge area is designed to be site specific, allowing hints of the beautiful scenery seen through every window to be incorporated in the interior design.

The surrounding wooded area is echoed in the design with a log sculpture, and lamp shades that project tree branches onto the walls when lit. The metallic wallpaper, designed by a famous designer and imported from Belgium, uses minute particles of glass which refracts the overhead light to create an ambient feel both day and night. State of the art bespoke LED lighting sunk into the skirting allows the mood of the room to be altered using coloured lighting.

The use of coloured lighting technology flows through to the kitchen where LED lights are used above the kitchen units to uplight in a spectrum of colours and adjusted using hand remote control.

To the left is a bathroom, again continuing the theme with burgundy accessories. The study uses modern sculptures paired with an eye-catching oriental lamp to create a space that can be used as a third bedroom or a study. The second bedroom carries on the hints of red from the landing with vivid ‘rose’ artwork on the walls and a bright feature wall, again using the colour green to pair beautifully with the stunning scenery seen through the window.

The master bedroom, a place where the new owners of the house should retreat for some sanctuary at the end of the day, has a decadent, luxurious theme. Quality, sumptuous bed linen is echoed in the large mosaic framed mirror to create a space that begs relaxation and calm.

The en-suite bathroom has plenty of space with orchids in the window to again evoke a soothing feeling, a perfect place to relax. All of the window dressings are bespoke, custom-made using only the best quality materials and sewn to the highest standard. They will perfectly shut the house away from the outside world in the evening hours and each window dressing has been tailor made to perfectly compliment each room individually.

The show home at Mote Park has been thoughtfully designed to create a space that will enhance the quality of life of it’s inhabitants. It fuses state of the art lighting and decor, to create a decadent environment to happily live in.

This project from start of design to supply and handover was completed in 3 weeks for a presentation to the public and company owners. This was Completed on budget by our contractors.


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