Concepts & 3D Visuals With the rapid evolution of technology there are so many ways that we can communicate our designs now 3 dimensionally. Communication is the basis of a successful working relationship with clients, and there more ways we can give the client a clear idea of the end result visually now using 3d visualisation.

Using state of the art technology we can build your design virtually and allow you to feel the ambience of the space and to virtually ‘fly through’ your proposed design before any building work has commenced. This is an invaluable tool for us and we can provide 3dimensional representations throughout the design process. No client wishes to be inundated with Autocad plans that are only 2 dimensional, so providing 3d images allows our client to see the vision in virtual reality.

There are many aspects to 3D Design , we can provide 3D axonometric Autocad drawings, Sketchup drawings in the initial stages when the design may still be altered several times right through to photo realistic visualisations of the end result. At Astounding we embrace evolving technologies and have found that our clients appreciate this useful tool in communicating our design ideas, thus achieving an end result that everyone is astounded by.

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