If you are looking for a specialist Hospitality Designer you are in the right place! Astounding Interiors can get your Hotel, Bar, Restaurant, Gastro pub or Nightclub designed specifically for your needs, our experienced designers have been doing this for other clients for 20+ years, we will make sure that you have a functional space that looks and works perfectly. Astounding Interiors will make sure your Venue is unique to your business that oozes your brand, of which we can help create, if you need one.

Astounding Interiors can guide you through the design process ensuring that you get what you want at the price you need it to be. You can make a stunning venue that will impress your customers ensuring that they will return again and again. If you heed help with your venue design or your complete premises call us today, we have loads of experience in this field and an enviable portfolio that only our designers have the skills to do, let’s face it everyone thinks they are a designer nowadays !! We have an unblemished record of finishing projects on time and to budget and that’s a fact others can only dream of doing, we have heard horror stories over the years of venues not being built because of design companies not getting it right in there costings.

Here you can sample some of our older and latest work.


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