Renovations, where to start?

When you are looking for a project, it is important to think about the potential, and not just thinking about the shell in front of you. However, consider the original state of the property. Read through building reports, understand what are the restrictions with the property? What needs repairing? Are there any underlying core problems such as damp, infestations and drainage or service problems? There are specialists you can hire who can carry out these surveys for you.

Building reports can also indicate when any alterations were made and how. Making sure any alterations you make in the future don’t harm or damage the existing features, which may be listed.

A measured building survey of the existing building will also help you to understand the space you have available to work with. Astounding Interiors have professionals skilled in this area which produce these plans. Having a measured building survey undertaken means that you will have scaled plans, which can help you understand what you can work with and how you can change the building, while understanding where your limitations are with a new design.

Once you understand where the limitations of the building and if there are any underlying problems that could cause serious problems, it is important that you get all of these issues addressed before you can start any serious work in order to prevent any deterioration. There are a range of problems you should keep an eye on, for instance, a climbing-based plant, such as ivy can deteriorate the walls by growing in and loosening the structure of the building. Problems like a damaged roof might be indicated by water sheets, so look out for water sheets when viewing potential property and if they have water sheets, be sure to assess the potential extent of the damage caused.

Buildings of this nature, or which have been left vacant which are abandoned, are also vulnerable to vandalism.

It is also important to check the building vulnerability and past connections to any flooding events.

If the building is of a heritage, it is recommended that you consider checking to see if there are any special consideration or restoration grants available which would apply to the property. Due to their nature, these grants are not made frequently available.

Before you go changing anything it’s important that you apply for planning approval, and make sure that the new proposed alterations have consent, if it is a listed building and that it abides by all the government’s building regulations, professional designers like those at Astounding Interiors know these regulations well, however if you wish to become more acquainted with them yourself they are readily available for anyone to access on the government website. Note that some regulations which affect neighbors will require cooperation and approval from anyone who may be affected, examples of these regulations are the party wall act and the right to light. These can be found on the deeds to the property, which you should take the time to read through thoroughly.

Be aware that these processes previously mentioned take time, which should be considered when taking on a new renovation.

When it’s time to start building works, make sure you have access to a water and electricity supply, with appropriate waste removal drainage systems, these systems are a primary function for any building. You must also make sure the site in question is also stabilised and safe to access.

If demolition work is required, now would be the time to approach this. The hiring of skips which will be delivered and taken away will make the removal of demolition waste a smoother experience.

If your site has restricted access, then we recommend considering ahead of starting the building work how you plan to get heavy machinery and big vehicles access to and from the site, as well as figuring out how and where you plan on putting the required building materials or any on-site bathrooms.

Once you have fixed the external developments, ensuring the interior is protected and dry, you can start internal renovations. Ensure all the floors have been levelled, this is a standard practice which will make it easier to fit the interior later down the line.

Securing the inside of the building is as equally important as securing the outside, protecting people from any possible dangers of collapsing infrastructure.

Remember it important that when you are starting any contracted work with a company, that they are fully licensed. Especially with liability. Like with anything in this industry, never assume it will go perfectly and that you can finish it fast. Set out knowing your budget, taking into account a plan for all the possible issues which could arise.

Deciding to take on a project of this scale is stressful and difficult, which is why there are professionals like that at  Astounding Interiors who you can employ to do this for you, taking the time and stress off your hands, being experienced in this field, we are prepared for these possible negative eventualities.