1. Consultation

A team of Head Designer, Lighting Designer and Space Planner will meet you on site to

  • Get an overall understanding of the project and what you want to achieve.
  • Show you some of our exclusive materials, past mood boards, visuals, plans & photos of completed projects.
  • Take a brief and discuss your likes and importantly your dislikes, timeline and budgets.

2. Proposal

A proposal that highlights the following will be emailed to you within 4 days

  • Our detailed understanding of the brief
  • Design ideas, design costs including any planning or architectural fees, approximate timeline, budgetary figures and past case studies

3- Survey

After being appointed, we will re-visit the site and prepare a detailed survey of the space

  • Take detailed measurements of all areas to be designed
  • Discuss initial concept, design and branding ideas with you

4. Space planning

We will email you plans of the various layout options of the venue within approximately 2 weeks

  • Division of space
  • Recommendation for Bars, Dance floors, Lounge areas & WCs
  • Seating arrangements of fixed and moveable tables and seating
  • Total number of covers or capacity
  • Customer and service flows

5. Conceptual Design

Within 2 – 4 Weeks we will present to you, on site, a full design concept that includes

  • Branding
  • Finishes of all the materials to be used
  • Mood & Sample boards
  • Examples of Kitchen Plans if applicable
  • Furniture plans
  • Lighting package including plans and specifications
  • 3D photo realistic images

6. Approval stage

Submit applications to local Authority and gain approval for:

  • Building control
  • Planning permission
  • Signage consent

7. Specification

Within approximately 2 weeks we will email you with a full design specification of all Fixtures, Fittings, Furniture & Equipment (FFF&E) that adheres to your budget, including all prices, delivery dates and contractor and fit-out costs

8. Build

Collaboration of contractors

  • Engagement of main contractor, manage the tradesman, check delivery schedules of FFFE
  • On site weekly progress reports, emails to you with updates of build
  • Documented progress reports
  • Hand over and sign off of project

9. Assessment & Analysis

We will keep in touch and revisit your site to discuss how the business is performing

  • Discuss any new ideas you may have e.g. other floors of the building, terrace areas, roof gardens etc.
  • Investigate potential new sites

Our Design and Build Contractor team work together from start to end in open communication and deliberate cooperation to achieve goals that would otherwise be unattainable. We believe when you and our Design and Build Contractor sit at the same table, amazing ideas and the greatest ideas emerge.

Based on our commitment to innovative design, technological expertise, and attention to detail, we deliver the top-quality Design and Build Procurement strategy in the UK. We are guided by the belief that architectural design brilliance can be recovered to adhere to sustainability standards. Rather, sustainable design broadens the possibilities for novel architectural shapes, building processes, and material applications.

Our goal is to increase the value of properties by developing a new area that is both visually beautiful and useful. We are a full-service design-build company dedicated to finding the best solution for each project. We ask questions to get to the heart of the problem and fix it the most efficiently possible.

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