Arcadia Bar Bexleyheath – Bar Interior designers London

Arcadia Bar Bexleyheath – Bar Interior designers London

Arcadia Lounge bar and Club as its now known now has a new feel and look at this large venue and has become an out of this world experience playing on all your senses. We have changed the whole footprint of the premises and used a lot of construction techniques to open up the basement, removing all the pillars and walls that used to hold up the floor above. We have put in numerous steels throughout the building and completed it all in less then 6 weeks.

The bar is very organic with natural elements showcasing throughout the very large 3-floor venue. We have designed it very quirky with a touch of fun and grandeur which was part of the client’s brief.

Astounding Interiors have designed the ground floor with a vintage type feel to it but still playing on a relaxed lounge type experience. We have used Vintage type accessories and designed furniture with that old school look combined with a modern twist in porcelain tiling. There are concrete looking floors and mirror finish stainless bar fronts mixed with mirror finish ceramic tiles on the bar front. Exotic animal prints subtly showcase throughout the venue on bar tops and the exquisite WC’S.

We have catered for all the different weekend drinkers and the clubbing mass. The venue now has a new cocktail lounge offering premium drinks where people can also relax after work.

Astounding Interiors redesigned the basement to resemble an underground Ibiza type venue with a touch of glam gold brick walls and oversized grand high back furniture play an important mix of seating and dance floor area. We built A LED light box interactive DJ stage for the famous DJ’s that will appear there week after week.

The venue opened in a blaze of glory with huge crowds in and out the venue. Forward orders on the private booths have continuously been sold out and the venue has appeared in articles in Hello magazine and the national press.

We Wish Martin & Charlotte Smith all the best for there new amazing venue