Restaurant interior design plays a key role in the marketing of your restaurant. It is an essential element in the success of your restaurant as customers judge your restaurant by its hospitality. Diners return to your restaurant if they have eaten well, and its interior is pleasing and attractive.

Designing restaurant interiors, especially large spaces for dining where people spend most of their memorable time with their families and friends, is beneficial for branding strategy.

Astounding Interiors is the best restaurant interior designer that helps restaurant owners to enhance their brand value with layouts and focal points that work.

We also put our focus on the seating arrangement of restaurants as it is the unnoticed part of the restaurant interior. It greatly impacts the psychology of customers, and due to this, they will decide if they want to revisit the restaurant again.

Restauranteurs should allow different areas inside their restaurant for customers to relax after there meal, making a bar lounge area is always a good idea if the premises has space.

This bar lounge space can always be used for pre drinks as well, resulting in more takings for the restaurant.

In the current competitive marketplace, great tasting food and service are just not enough. Switched on restaurateur’s require interiors that enhance their customers dining experience and stimulate their senses. Every restaurant should know their identity and stick to it. You will fail if you do not know your identity.

Do not try to be too many things or something you are not and do not try to appeal to everyone, pick a target audience and tailor the experience to them.  A strong identity which is communicated throughout in every aspect of the design is going to have a stronger and more successful response, helping the business boom in popularity by appealing to your target clientele.

For Steve Ward, our design director, the customer is the most important factor in designing a bar or restaurant. “How we are going to attract them, how are we going to give them an amazing experience and what’s going to make them come back with other friends and family”.

When creating a concept, Astounding Interiors believe in avoding trends which are current or fashionable now, as that will date. We are able to stay ahead of the game with designs which stand the test of time, by understanding the roots of the concept and defining them in the design.

With the dining area taking up approximately 60% of the design and the remaining 40% being for the kitchens, storage, restrooms, lobby etc. Its important to ensuring that the dining area is both striking and efficient, if this is not met, atleast 60% of the restaurant’s design will be failing, putting you at a disadvantage.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ with restaurant layouts. This will mean that layouts ALWAYS need tailoring to the restaurant. We take into account both staff and clients, thinking about the route the food takes from the kitchen to the guests’ table and how it is delivered.

When considering the clients role in the design, we consider:

  • Whether they can have their chairs at a comfortable distance
  • Is there space for bags and luggage, space to manoeuvre tables for larger parties and events.
  • Is there a clear understanding of where the toilets are.
  • Ease of access to communicate with waiters.

We believe the waiter’s role in the design needs to compliment the client’s role. This aspect of the design needs to be efficient. The design must consider the ease of access between the client and kitchen, are the tables easy to clear and set? Can the waiters see all the clients? Is it easy to sort payments? We firmly believe that if the food arrives cold, or if people cannot get a drink, then the restaurant has failed to meet its primary function, having detrimental effects on the business.

Generally, a successful layout design should follow a 20 square foot per person rule. However, for a fast-food restaurant, this must be halved. The trick to a strong design for a fast-food restaurant is the opposite to that of a dining restaurants. In a dining restaurant, you want them to be comfortable and stay longer in order to spend more money. The longer they stay, the more likely they are to order another glass of wine, or order more nibbles or a dessert. For Fast-food restaurants, you definitely do not want them to get comfortable. You want them in and out as quickly as possible for a fast turnaround.

Every restaurant should strive for minimal foot traffic. We will make sure that waiter stations and maitre’d desks, are in the spots with the least traffic. You want to create a smooth flowing and relaxed environment. Putting them in areas with high traffic will cause tension and stress. They should never be near restrooms for hygiene reasons, the best location is close to the kitchen out the way of customer site. Meaning that there will be minimal interruption, with an easy flow inside and quick service. Making pathways narrow and windy will not aid this.

We will make sure you strike the best first impression, all the way through the design, down to hitting the right tempo of music. The music you choose will influence how long people stay, their mood, how quickly they eat/drink, the type of conversation they have etc. Slow tempo will elongate people’s stays, by incorporating this with luxurious comfortable seating, with pleasant low and warm tones, dark lighting and plush finishes, you can ensure your consumers will sit comfortable for longer.

With lighting being one of the largest and most powerful aspects of a design. Getting this right can make or reak a venue. Astounding interiors can make sure you achieve the perfect lighting balance.  You do not want people squinting to order food, or spilling stuff because it is not visibly clear. We will make sure you meet the mood, with high-end standards striking the right balance.

We take all of this into account and more when we design your venue.