Mediterranean design

This style of design generally refers to the Interiors within the countries of Greece, Italy and Spain. When you think of these countries, you think of that warm sun, as a result, the interior design style uses a more minimalistic approach with white wash walls and ceilings; this is to help the interior feel cool, aerated, fresh and open.

Although Different countries within the Mediterranean will be partial to use different colour palettes, the design principle features remain the same. For example; to demonstrate this change in colour difference, interiors in Greek design will use cooler, vibrant tones like blues, greens and turquoise colours, where as in Italy they use earthier, warmer tones, like oranges and reds. In contrast, the Spanish colour palette also follows a natural approach, combining the cooler Greek style of blues, browns, whites and greens with the orange, red and terracotta tones commonly associated with the Italian palette.

The Principle behind creating a Mediterranean interior is quite simple, for a base, white wash walls, with hardwood or terracotta tiles/stone flooring tends to be a typical foundation for all the interiors. You can incorporate more contemporary design features to this Design by using exposed Timber beams on the ceilings and over the top of key features like archways or Stoves or Fireplaces.

Moving on from this, the Mediterranean style often uses mosaics, you can incorporate these mosaics into features all around the home, whether a table surface, or as a splash back in the kitchen, or in the bathroom and around the shower.

The design uses vibrant, but rustic accessories and furniture while still being reflective of the outdoors. As a result, you will find plants, flowers or plaited produce around the design. The produce braided typically includes onions, garlic, and peppers. Herbs can also be used in the interior, whether they are potted or left to dry out.  This is not only a fragrant aroma but also produces an additional source of vibrancy and colour.

The Mediterranean style uses accessories incorporating a rough-hewn iron hardware. Commonly seen on doors and within the lighting design, home accents of iron combined with copper are also used for kitchen cookware.

The General design within the interior is commonly reflective of a laidback, community atmosphere. In this culture, you will find that doors are always open to the neighbours, friends and family. The result of this is large plank kitchen tables able to seat eight or twelve people. Overall, in Mediterranean design the key advice to remember is to use rustic and colourful furniture and accessories with multiple rich textures, while remembering to incorporate the outdoors within the interior.

One of our recent projects for a nightclub called Mist, used a Mediterranean inspired colour palette. In this design, we used the cooler blue tones typically associated to Greek interior take on this style to create a Mediterranean atmosphere.