Lighting rules for a nightclub

There are four main types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and feature lighting. In a nightclub, you are most likely going to use three of these; ambient lighting, task lighting and feature lighting.

Ambient lighting refers to mood lighting, it is traditionally, the main source of lighting across an establishment.

Task lighting refers to the key areas where staff need to focus on the job at hand, this is important for the entrance/lobby, behind the bar and for a DJ booth.

Feature lighting is for decorative effect, typically used around bars and near the DJ booth. You can also use this lighting to make a feature of any recessed surfaces or ceilings.

Once you are through the lobby and into the club, the main focal points will be the bar and the DJ booth, as these are the two main reasons people have come to the establishment. So these two will need to stand out and be eye-catching with a creative and durable lighting technique.

If you have any changes in floor height like a step or a ramp, this must be clearly lit so it is not a hazard! The best way to light this feature is with a continuous lighting strip so you can avoid confusion.

The importance of task lighting behind the bar is a point largely overlooked. Bar staff need correct lighting when preparing drinks, often in a clubbing environment, the bar gets very busy, very quickly, so staff are likely to feel a degree of pressure and with pressure comes mistakes. In this environment, you cannot afford for people to make mistakes so the provision of good quality task lighting in this area is crucial.

Before you start putting lighting into the club, think about how each of your areas are used, once you have planned how each zone will be used, finding the appropriate lighting will be much easier. Be sure to remember that your lighting should reflect your interior theme.

Another lighting technique that is used is lighting for EDM shows. This lighting is normally synchronised with the DJ. This lighting includes led fixtures, moving lights, conventional flashing lights, lazers etc. The benefits of using LED in nightclubs is not only efficiency, but LED lights have a long shelf life.