How to make a large space feel smaller

In order to make a large space feel smaller you simply need to take the opposite approach to making a small room bigger.

When you can start, think about analysing your choice in colour palette. By using deeper and darker tones and with dark ceilings, you can make a room feel instantly smaller. A good tip here could be to use wallpaper on your ceiling, this can add an unusual flare of creativity to your interior, generating an aura of curiosity to your room. The use of patterned finishes will help to make a room feel cosier. You can incorporate this by using wallpapers with a bold and large pint on it. When you think of wallpapers, do your research. We know first-hand that there is no end to the amazing wallpaper finishes you can have, you simply need to look for it, or if you prefer; let us do the legwork for you.  Astounding Interiors’ interior design service have an extensive range of wallpapers and can show you your dream interior, opening your eyes to a new world of furniture and finishes which you didn’t even know you wanted. If you want to go for an even cosier feeling and have the funding to spare, maybe experiment with using a fabric finish on the walls, one way you could achieve this is by using a suede wallpaper. Although more expensive, these plush finishes not only add texture but also add an instantly cosy nature to the room. Be aware that these sorts of finishes on the walls will wear down if you have furniture pushing up against them.

When selecting the furniture consider the size of the room. Think large furnishings, large rugs, large sofas and large stuffed armchairs, ect. The use of oversized furniture will affect how the scale of the room feels. By filling a room with large featured furniture, you will reduce the empty space in your interior.

If you have the budget, we recommend having built-in furniture developed for the space, like floor-to-ceiling bookcases and cupboards, having your furniture more central and pulling it away from the walls allowing space for circulation can help to make spaces feel smaller.

Gallery walls, this can make larger spaces that may not be fully furnished feel smaller.

You can break up a space by zonally adding in sections. This could be generated by using a range of interior design techniques. For more information, visit our previous posts.