Get to know the trade

Tips of the trade:

Always Have the Correct Dimensions of the Room.

When you have an accurate plan of the space you want you can organise schedules for every phase of your design, avoiding conflicts of installation and misplacements.

A Correctly Spaced Plan is Always a Good Start

A floor plan allows you to be sure that the spaces are suitable for your needs. You’ll know where to position the bars, dance floors, lounge areas, eating areas, standing spaces and WCs. This way it will be space-planned correctly and you will know precisely that the space will flow. This will allow you to be able to see the divisions in harmony with focal points, and it works in tune with the Fixtures, Fittings, Furniture and Equipment.

Selection of Ambience is an Important Decision

What is required for a successful establishment and where it fits into the scheme of things is definitely a ‘must know’ before everything starts. A successful design always has a good distribution of lighting included in many strategic places. Also sound distribution to the right areas and levels is a priority.

Colours are a Delicate Issue

Specifying a colour or pattern is not always the right start. Colours tend to reflect your mood, up or down depending on the individual, and a combination of different colours can be tricky. Astounding Interiors use layers, and tactile materials to lift your spirits, forming talking points for the customers.

Styles and “Looks” Date Quickly

Styles are not only what is in the ambience, it is the structure as well and a very important part of the project is making sure that you achieve a design that is not going to be out of fashion in 6 months. Astounding pride ourselves in not following the crowd and create visually stunning interiors that are timeless but still in vogue.

Confidence in Your Contractors and Tradesmen

The tradesman you choose is the keystone of your project. Knowing that they implement all your design ideas to the exact detail, on time and budget is vitally important. Our tradesman have decades of experience in achieving our goals.