Electric Design

When it comes to electric design, the most important factor is the Layout. A successful layout is what will make the space feel comfortable. Before buying the decor figure out exactly where the furniture will go. You don’t want to buy all the furniture and find you have no space for it. A common misunderstanding with electric design is that, within this design, anything goes.

This is an easy style to get wrong, in this style of design you should find balance and harmony. You should explore the relationships between the different lines because you will find certain pieces with different styles and textures from different periods can all marry well into a harmonious design if there is balance in the scale and symmetry.

Another common mistake people make is forgetting to have a single go-to colour. This will act as a reminder that you will continuously go back to when choosing furnishings, materials, art and accessories. When deciding your go-to colour you should never paint a mass of different sample colours on a wall, instead look at each colour completely separately. Having these paint sample cards or boards completely separate will also be ideal when you are furniture shopping for your décor and fabrics.

Consider utility when you are designing this space. You need to remember that this space still needs to be lived in. Before you start to plan the layout and interior decorative design first consider how you want to use this space. Understanding this on a basic level will mean that the rest of the design will flow and be fully utilised upon completion.

Although it’s important to not be reserved in your design, as the electric style should be accented with a multitude of fabric, textures, arts and fabrics. The design style is the interior equivalent of layering. It is quite easy to get caught up in what colours and textures go well together, you need to remember that your design still needs to have a focal point. An eye-catching feature within the room. This can be a feature wall, a fireplace, or another bold decorative item.

Don’t be put off by experimenting. If you have bought a piece of new furniture but you are concerned because you are buying the rest of the furnishings, accessories and fabrics for the room and it just doesn’t feel like it marries well together yet, don’t worry. You just need to give the design time to take form. As the design gets closer to completion all these bold accents will start to come together will blend into the background and will not feel like such an eyesore.

For an example of how we have used this design, check out the recent posts on our Instagram blog where we are displaying a new bachelor recent show home, currently at approximately 80% completion.  Follow this exciting development and see the how this design takes a complete form. This design follows a teal and gold inspired concept.