Astounding Interiors innovative design team are experienced and have an extensive portfolio of projects ranging from nightclubs, bars, restaurants, social clubs and exclusive residential. We specialise in hospitality interior design and our client list includes high-profile businesses, Individual start ups, and the seasoned restaurateur or club/bar owner. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients, taking away the stress and making the project an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We can provide everything from branding to cost-effective interior designs.

Our design teams push the boundaries and provide our clients with results that will make their business distinct from the competition. Bespoke furniture, unique FFF&E, together with the use of the latest lighting and technology solutions means we deliver cutting-edge projects on time and within budget.

It is in our interest for your business to become a success; that’s how we have developed our design practice to what it is today with an enviable portfolio of projects, so if your looking for an edge over your competitors or a new start up, let us together develop a venue we can both showcase with pride.


We have a proven track record of achieving ‘outside the box’ looks for our clients that include celebrities, VIPs and progressive-thinking individuals who require something different. We never follow the crowd and don’t think our clients should either when we design their venture.

We believe that all our clients’ premises should be designed to become talking points and memorable; our combined professional experience in various areas of multi disciplined design gives us the edge to fulfil this time after time. Glamour, tradition, focal points, colour, texture, taste, smell, and flamboyant elements are just some of the influences we include in our designs to give your customers incredible memories and keep them coming back for more.

We are passionate about designing cost effective solutions and delivering functional nightclub, restaurant, hotel, bars and contemporary residential interiors. We are flexible in design, build, project management and procurement packages and can tailor a project exclusively to your requirements.


Together our goals are to promote your business through the power of amazing design. All of our successful past experience in hospitality design means we have the expertise to know exactly what performs visually and functionally and how to generate the maximum financial return for your investment.

What makes us distinct are our proven abilities to combine effective interior design with a strong brand presence in the market place. Our understanding of how customers interact with brands gives us the ability to produce a package that highlights brand awareness thus delivering the best possible customer experience.

Our design team are passionate about creating an entirely new image for your business including websites, logo, identity, signage, and uniforms. When this is done properly combined with exceptional interior design the end results are a unique, profitable project for the client for many years to come.

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