Cocktail Bar Gravesend

Astounding are about to put on the map the town of Gravesend with a truly remarkable quaint cocktail……watch this space.

King & Queen Pub West Malling

Working on making this pub a modern inspirational pub but still keeping the heritage look.


Another Milestone for team Astounding being assigned to design & build South East Londons Newest and only SkyBar …….

We promise to bring you a Coffee/Gelato shop with a difference.

Home bar Bromley 2

Another Bromley home bar project where we are filling in the pool and making an amazing looking entertainment and home bar space. This is another truly wonderful style with awesome features.

Bromley Private Bar.

Astounding Interiors have recently been commissioned to design another private home bar, with accompanying designs for a steam room, bathroom and changing room and outside swimming pool and landscape.

The brief for this project was to take inspiration from a Mediterranean concept. Using a warm colour palette, we aim to transform what is currently a swimming pool, into a statement-making, daytime bar.

The design of the steam room, changing room and bathroom, will follow the same warm, Mediterranean concept used in the bar and sauna, to ensure a constantly striking outcome.

Although its a home bar no expense has been sparred to complete a look that will be the envy of most UK high street bars and not look out of place in Dubai.

Services to be used: Design, Supply and Project Management.

Luxury Home, Dartford

This prestigious home design involved designing a private swimming pool, private gym, bar and games room, the corridor and staircase as well a shower room and WC.

The brief for this project was to create a lavish design, which would not date quickly.

The bar design uses plush furnishings and precious metals in a unique compilation which will emphasise a high living standard.

Building on from this, the swimming pool design uses a custom created tile mosaic combination, creating a beautiful and luxurious feel.  Further mosaic details have been included to mirror the skylight above the swimming pool.  The walls consist of a mix of smooth and textured stones, in natural and warm tones which will all add to the high quality interior that we are aiming to create.

The shower room and toilets use high-end polished and natural finishes  to give a modern, natural and prestigious feel, which mirrors that created in the swimming pool.

The gym, located in a basement, follows a design which optimises the light in a statement proposal.  Using reflective and durable surfaces, we are able to maintain a prestigious design without having to compromise on the overall concept.

Services used: Design, Supply, build and project management.

South-East London cocktail bar

Using the concept, the ‘form’ of water, this incredible cocktail bar uses a private lobby with a beautiful statement entrance which leads up to the bar on the first floor.  By blocking out the bar’s windows we were able to transform the design into a cosy and exclusive gem.

The brief was to create a design, which would trend on social media. With such a large canvas, we have been fortunate enough to utilise the double height space and further to the brief, focus the design down to include a flowing, atmospheric and luxurious design.

Services used: Design, Supply, build and project management.