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With a style that’s unrestrained yet refined, our team of London’s top home bar designers create unparalleled hospitality and residential spaces. Astounding’s interiors are bold statements balanced by functionality, aesthetics and lifestyle. We focus on sourcing quality furnishings, improving functionality and creating memorable spaces. Renowned for their turnkey integrated lifestyle design, Astounding Interiors expertly manage the entire process from conception through to completion. For 18 years we have been accustomed to working on both residential and commercial projects.


About Us

We have offered 18 years’ experience delivering interior design and build projects and guiding clients through the entire design process from the initial consultation and early inception of ideas through to final procurement of each project.

Our service is tailored towards providing our clients unique solutions and delivering a vision that embraces exciting state of the art interiors with intelligent and ergonomic design. We pride ourselves in being competitive and mindful of budgetary parameters to ensure that the best possible outcome can always be achieved.

Latest Assignments

Using our sister company Astounding Battersea we have completed a redesign of a large modern home for our existing clients. The latest Italian branded furniture has been specified to create a... more

We have been called in by existing clients to design and build them a bar inside their office, so it can be used for entertainment and presentation purposes in a relaxed and exclusive... more


Home bar design Kent

By Steve Ward

Astounding were called in to take care of another home bar on a very large estate. We have produced a beautiful breath taking... more

Astounding interiors are working on a new Budha Bar style concept for a restaurant and bar that spans over 563m2 of space. This will be a new concept in the already established restauranteurs... more

Astounding Interiors have been assigned to complete a new look for a well known restaurant and an extension for another eatery. Final plans are being compiled to assist the... more


Home Bar Bromley

By Steve Ward

Astounding Interiors are currently working on a home bar in Bromley. We have designed a space that can still be used by the children and become multi functional. We used a relaxed and intimate style... more